The pistol has gone through many iterations over the years, from single shot pistol to revolvers and semi-automatic or even automatic pistol. Each of the pistols referenced has its own use based on your needs, and today you can find a variety of different sizes and styles of pistol. In fact, pistols have existed in some way, shape, or form since the 1300’s, owing to their simplicity and wide range of use cases throughout the world.

While pistols are no longer a commonly used hunting weapon, they do still have a place in many hunter’s arsenals based on their reliability and their easy, one handed use. They are smaller, lighter, and easier to carry, making them easily maneuverable, particularly when compared to a longer weapon. This is important for many self defense uses, which is a primary use of pistols today.

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If you are looking to buy a pistol today, but still have questions about the options available, or are looking for something specific out of your pistol, then don’t hesitate to ask our team. You can also keep up to date on Topside Gun Warehouse news and ongoing sales by signing up for our email list, available at the bottom of this page.

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