The shotgun is one of the most recognizable firearms in history, because it finds its way into so many areas of our lives. Tactical shotguns are used law enforcement and military situations around the globe, but the hunting shotgun also has a long and storied history as well.

Historically, it’s also been used in wars for centuries and to great effect in both World War I and II. The specific feature of a shotgun that makes it so effective is the wide spread of shot that allows it to more effectively cover a wide range, making it an effective weapon against small, fast moving targets when hunting or in close quarters in tactical and military uses. In many areas, rifled barrel shotguns are used when hunting with a rifle is not permitted.

Today, you can buy a variety of types of shotguns that can be used both generally and also for very specific uses, from home defense to hunting. This makes it both a versatile weapon but one that must be purchased specifically based on your needs.

Topside Gun Warehouse has a wide range of hunting shotguns and tactical shotguns to meet any need that you have, and we have a capable team that is able to hep you differentiate between the products that we offer to help you get the best one for your needs. For this reason we also carry shotgun brands from a variety of manufacturers, including well known names like Beretta.

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